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Become a Blackbird On Board Courier

Do you love to travel? If your answer is yes, then how amazing would it be to get paid to travel to all corners of the world?! On a Monday you might be dropping off important documents in Belfast but by that weekend you could very well be on your way to Sydney to deliver an exclusive luxury item to its new owner. Sounds exciting? Well it is. This is exactly what life is like for a Blackbird On Board Courier. As part of our team you will be delivering urgent packages to any destination in the world. 

Does this sound like the perfect job? Before you apply with us, scroll down the page to see if you meet all of our requirements.

Tropical Island

Does On Board Courier sound like the perfect job for you? Here are the things we will need from you in order to qualify.

  • Minimum 21 years old

  • Valid Dutch passport

  • A smartphone with international roaming

  • A valid credit card

  • Fluency in English and ideally some other languages too

  • No criminal record (VGB document needed)

  • Reliable and trustworthy

  • Representative

  • Flexible (our jobs are always short notice)

  • Extensive travel experience is a bonus

Got everything on the list? Apply here by sending us your CV (with photo) and motivation letter and you will hear back from us shortly.


We have asked some of our more experienced On Board Couriers to keep a diary and write up what a typical working week looks like. (Although there is no such thing as a 'typical' working week.)

Keep an eye on this page.

City Lights
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